VeggieTales Triple Feature, Volume 2

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DVD Video
By: VeggieTales   Publication Date: 2016   Format: DVD Video  

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Where's God When I'm Scared: What happens when Junior Asparagus watches a Frankencelery movie that's a little too scary for him? Bob and Larry come to the rescue, proclaiming "God Is Bigger Than the Boogeyman!" This side-splitting Veggie premiere also features the story of Daniel in the lions' den and the classic "Water Buffalo Song." 30 minutes. God Wants Me to Forgive Them!?! contains two hilarious, fully computer-animated stories that teach children a Biblical perspective on forgiveness. The Grapes of Wrath What do you get when a bunch of very cranky grapes make fun of five-year old Junior Asparagus? One sad asparagus, and one big problem! Can Junior's dad show the grapes the error of their ways? Will Junior ever be able to forgive them? Does anybody know what seventy times seven is? Learn the answers to these questions and more as Larry the Cucumber tells the story of The Grapes of Wrath! Larry's Lagoon A three hour boat tour takes a turn for the worse when first mate Larry absentmindedly crashes into an uncharted tropical island! Can Skipper Bob and the passengers possibly forgive Larry for making such a huge blunder? While the professor discovers how many contraptions can be built out of bamboo and coconuts, the others discover the real reasons God wants us to forgive! In Are You My Neighbor? You can enjoy two hilarious VeggieTales stories that teach kids a biblical perspective on loving others! In The Story of Flibber-o-loo, Big Idea's critically-acclaimed writing and animation bring the parable of the Good Samaritan to life in a delightful, storybook adaptation of the biblical tale. Through rhyme and song, children learn that loving your neighbor means helping those in need--even if they don't live next door! Join 5-year-old Junior Asparagus and the crew of the USS Applepies as they boldly go where no vegetable has gone before in Gourds Must Be Crazy! Junior and ship's engineer Scooter repair the Applepies before a giant meteor smashes it to bits?!? And what about "oddball" crew members, Jimmy and Jerry Gourd? Could they possibly help? This hilarious sci-fi spoof shows kids that 'loving your neighbor' means appreciating those who are different, instead of making fun.

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Audience Children
Author VeggieTales
Language English
Publication Date Aug 30, 2016

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