Turn the Tide: How to Ignite a Cultural Awakening Volume 2

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With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can change the world instead of the world changing us.

This book will provide the information you need so you can be effectively used by the Holy Spirit to bring reformation to our society in the wake of spiritual revival. You will see how God can use you in both big and small ways to fulfill His great commission.

How can a spiritual outpouring in the church become a cultural awakening in the society? How can we move from revival to reformation?

In Turn the Tide, Michael L. Brown, PhD, lays out the key steps believers must take in this new season of revival—from the prayer room to the home, from the schools and universities to the worlds of finance and politics—to see lasting cultural change.

Drawing from historical revivals and scriptural insights, Brown challenges readers to move beyond the boundaries of the church walls and engage in a transformative journey that permeates every aspect of society. He addresses topics such as how to:

  • deepen our prayer base
  • infiltrate the educational system
  • be grounded in apologetics
  • raise up godly leaders in politics
  • engage the culture wars in the power of the Spirit
  • walk in God’s love and truth without becoming the morality police

Turn the Tide is an urgent call to believers to rise above complacency and embrace their role as catalysts for societal transformation. It is an essential guidebook for those who long to see their homes, cities, and nations transformed by the power of God.

Michael L Brown
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Charisma House