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Pregnancy Resource Centers

Find all the products you need to support your ministry to new moms and their families.

IMPORTANT: For PRCs, please note that you must select TWO payment methods: store credit to cover the cost of the resources and another payment method to cover shipping and any non-PRC-eligible resources that are a part of your order.

NOTE: All store credit balances for eligible PRCs will be reset in January each year.

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    Embarazo Saludable esta disenado para ayudar a las mujeres tomar decisiones saludables para ellas y para sus bebes. Los temas incluyen la importancia de la atencion prenatal, los sintomas comunes del embarazo, lo que se espera en las citas prenatales, ... Learn More
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    "Now what?" When a young woman discovers that she is unexpectedly pregnant, this is the first question she and her parents may ask. But many families have successfully navigated these turbulent waters and come out stronger on the other side. This two-i... Learn More

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    A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy needs compassionate, solid information about her options, especially if she's not ready or willing to parent a child.

    This easy-to-read, 20-page booklet explores some of the questions that might surface as she considers what it might look like to provide parents for her baby by creating an adoption plan: How could I ever give my baby up for adoption? How will I ever know what happens to my baby? What if my child grows up thinking I don't love him?

    Author Julie Stobbe (who was adopted herself as an infant) explains that a woman can choose the type of adoption and degree of confidentiality that fits her best, offers suggestions as to next steps, and encourages her to take time to carefully consider the hopes and dreams she has for her own life.

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  4. The Wonder Within You

    Carey Wickersham

    Many newly pregnant women believe mothering begins after the baby is born. As a result, their pregnancy is spent preparing the baby's room, buying a crib, and even attending childbirth classes. All of these activities are valuable and help to prepare f... Learn More

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