Are you pro-life? Are you thinking about having an abortion? The books and resources below paint a picture in support of being pro-life. Read about the beautiful blessing that pregnancy is and read stories of those who were almost aborted. 

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  1. Unplanned (Digital)

    Abby Johnson

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    After the director of a Planned Parenthood clinic in Texas participated in her first abortion procedure, she quit her job and walked across the road to join the Coalition for Life. In this heart-stopping personal drama, you'll discover how Abby Johnson's Learn More
  2. Gianna (Digital)

    Jessica Shaver Renshaw

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    At the tender age of 17, Tina was frightened and pregnant. Feeling abandoned and desperate, she stepped into the clinic to have an abortion. But in the midst of it, something unexpected happened...something wonderful. Instead of snuffing out the growing life within, the procedure failed. And with defiance and courage, a baby girl made her way into the world. Gianna is the incredible true story of one girl's remarkable journey from abortion survivor to steadfast defender and lover of life. Learn More
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    The Wonder Within You helps moms build a strong bond with their child from the time of conception to birth. Take a whimsical look at life inside the womb through storytelling, interviews with mothers, and scientific studies. Special features include sonog Learn More

3 Item(s)

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