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  1. $9.99
    A dangerous new order threatens the mission of the Knights of Arrethtrae. Only loyalty to the King can bring victory
    As the Knights of the Prince await His triumphant return, they are steadfast in their mission to take His story into the kingdom a... Learn More
  2. $9.99
    Lady Carliss faces the challenge of her life. Can she save the kingdom before it's too late?
    Determined, smart and a master of both the sword and the bow, Lady Carliss has proven herself as a veteran Knight of the Prince. Returning from a mission o... Learn More
  3. $7.99

    How many times have you heard grown-ups say, Just be yourself ?

    How many times have you heard grown-ups say, Just be yourself ?

    But how can you be yourself when that self always seems to be different depending on where you are, who you're with... Learn More

  4. $9.99
    With 25,000 copies sold of "Raising Kingdom Kids," Tony Evans succeeds in equipping kingdom parents in shaping the next generation. Now Dr. Evans turns his focus to kids, with a practical guide for teens ages 14 and older to use under the guidance of... Learn More
  5. $9.99
    With short, engaging chapters that apply the life-changing messages of the "True Love Project," teen girls will slowly and intentionally change their perception of the true love God has waiting for them with the "40 Days of Purity for Girls." Just as J... Learn More
  6. $4.99

    Fourteen-year-old Ann Cassidy is struggling with her past. She has a secret that she has kept for a long time -a secret not even her parents are aware of. Ann's friend Heather has a hunch that something isn't right - Ann's nightmares are evidence of Learn More

  7. Kingdom's Edge

    Chuck Black

    For Cedric, every day is the same: full of poverty and despair. And he knows that will never change. But then a stranger comes to the city. Drawn to the man's mysterious ways, Cedric discovers the stranger's humility belies great strength and wisdom. T... Learn More
  8. First Date

    Thomas Nelson Publishers


    The last thing Addy Davidson wants is to be on a reality TV show where the prize is a prom date with the President's son.

    She's focused on her schoolwork so she can get a scholarship to an Ivy League college, uncomfortable in the spotlight, never... Learn More

  9. $7.99

    In this revised edition, bestselling author Nancy Rue provides a guide on how to deal with girl politics, God-style.

    Yesterday you were BFFs, planning to attend the same college and be in each other's weddings. Today you sat down at the lunch tab... Learn More

  10. $9.99
    Join Lee Strobel in a fascinating journey of discovery. In The Case for Faith Student Edition, you'll gain powerful insights that will reshape your understanding of the Bible. And you'll read true stories of people whose experiences demonstrate that faith in Jesus not only make excellent sense, but a life-changing difference. Learn More

31-40 of 48

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