Spending Time Together

Spending Time Together

Spending time together as a family is very important. It's a time to talk about each others days, a time to connect and laugh. Find the perfect books about how this special act of spending time together can be so beneficial. 
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    Many people did not grow up in a Christian home, and many more do not consider their childhood experience a good model. Robert Wolgemuth presents this inspiring, practical book for people who want to have a Christian home.

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    On the day of their baby dedication, Eryn and her husband were given a jar of 936 pennies. The jar contained a penny for every week they would raise their child until graduation, and they were instructed to remove one penny each Sunday as a reminder, placing it into another jar as an investment.

    At some point every parent realizes time is moving swiftly, and they ask themselves, How am I investing in my child? Through personal stories and biblical examples, 936 Pennies will help you discover how to capture time and use it to its fullest potential, replacing guilt and regrets with freedom. Meanwhile, your kids will see how simple choices, like putting the cell phone down and going on a family hike, will make all the difference. Together you will stretch time and make it richer.

    Craft a family legacy in tune with God's heartbeat as you capture a new vision for your children and learn the best ways to spend your pennies.

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  4. Regular Price: $11.99

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    Fight A "Good" Fight-Honorably! Conflict is an in evitable part of any home with a teenager. Gary Smalley and his son Greg use family stories to illustrate the incredible difference honoring one another makes-especially during a disagreement. Plan now to forge lasting bonds using the honor principle. Learn More
  5. Hijos Exitosos

    Sixto Porras

    Regular Price: $11.99

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    Si mañana fuera tu ultimo día en la tierra, que les enseñarías a tus hijos? Todo padre, durante su vida, ha aprendido lecciones que les aseguraría el éxito a sus hijos si las compartiera con ellos.

    Sixto Porras, en sus experiencias interviniendo en relaciones entre padres e hijos, ha descubierto un detalle único. Aun cuando los padres educan a sus hijos y son su ejemplo, se les escapa sembrar en ellos aquellos aprendizajes recibidos de la vida misma, que les dieron, fuerza, aplomo, y grandes resultados. Esas experiencias que se convirtieron en sabiduría es lo que tus hijos necesitan oír para alcanzar el éxito. Sixto Porras, con el profundo conocimiento que le caracteriza, te invita a pensar: ¿Que le enseñarías a tu hijo sobre la vida, que le sirva para alcanzar la vida que desea? ¿Cuáles son las lecciones que no debes irte sin compartir? 

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  6. Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price $7.49

    Miss Kay and Phil Robertson introduce readers to Duck Commander holiday traditions with this quintessential Christmas Field Guide Savor a genuine feast of memories, mistletoe and misfires that Miss Kay and Phil have experienced over the years--including that Christmas Eve their house almost burned down. Discover:

    Redneck stocking stuffer ideas
    Lyrics to a dozen Christmas carols
    Miss Kay's Raging Cajun recipes
    The Robertsons' favorite Christmas movies with discussion questions
    The scripture text of the Christmas story
    A week of Christmas family devotions

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  7. Sacred Parenting

    Gary Thomas

    Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.74

    Parenting is a school for spiritual formation, says author Gary Thomas, and our children are our teachers. The journey of caring for, rearing, training, and loving our children profoundly alters us forever...even when the journey is sometimes a rough one.

    Sacred Parenting is unlike any other parenting book on the market. This is not a "how-to" book that teaches readers the ways to discipline their kids or help them achieve their full potential. Instead of a discussion about how parents change their children, Sacred Parenting turns the tables and demonstrates how God uses children to change their parents.

    Stepping beyond the overly-tilled soil of method books, parents can learn a whole new side of parenting. They'll be encouraged by stories that tell how other parents handled the challenges and difficulties of being a parent - and how their children transformed their relationship with God.

    The lessons the author writes about are timeless. But in this edition, Thomas adds in some additional insights and stories that he's learned and lived over the past fifteen years of his own parenting. Gary has found that the lessons have remained much the same but there are new applications for the readers in this generation who are just now coming to his book.

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  8. The Read-Aloud Family

    Sarah MacKenzie

    Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.74

    Humans have always connected through stories. And even in our busy, technology-driven lives, stories provide the chance to be fully present with our children and open up opportunities for deep conversations. Listening to read-aloud stories also increases our kids' academic success, inspires compassion, and fortifies them with the inner strength they need to face life's challenges. As homeschooler Sarah Mackenzie has found with her own six children, reading aloud long after kids are able to read to themselves can deepen relationships in a powerful way. Founder of the immensely popular Read-Aloud Revival podcast, Sarah knows first-hand how reading can change a child's life. In The Read-Aloud Family, she offers the inspiration and age-appropriate book lists you need to start a read-aloud movement in your own home. From a toddler's wonder to a teenager's resistance, Sarah details practical strategies to make reading aloud a meaningful family ritual. Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $12.99

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    Child rearing has never been easy, and if you're a dad today, trustworthy advice on good parenting and godly parenting skills can be hard to find.

    Author and speaker Josh McDowell has spent over 50 years successfully working with young people, including raising his own four children. He mentors you in guiding your children into 10 practical life commitments that will enable them to confidently face a scary world and an uncertain future.

    You can help your kids know how to:

    • love God, love themselves, and love others
    • make right choices
    • resolve conflict and respond properly to authority
    • understand sex and relationships as God designed them
    • deal humbly with success and graciously with defeat

    Leading your kids with God's wisdom and practicing good parenting skills is the best way to love them. 10 Commitments for Dads gives you a straightforward, concise resource for keeping your children in the center of your heart.

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  10. Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.74

    As parents hoping to raise godly children, we may understand the importance of regular family devotions. However, we may find it difficult to get our kids (or even ourselves) fully engaged. But what if devotions looked less like sitting in the living room listening to someone read and trying to pry answers out of reluctant kids and more like, say, electrocuting a pickle? Or converting a leaf blower into a toilet paper launcher? Or lighting toothpaste on fire?

    These hands-on, kinda dangerous, totally unforgettable object lessons (along with nearly fifty others) are not only more fun than other family devotions--they actually deliver the spiritual impact you desire for your kids. They'll even get dads and any too-cool-for-this-stuff teens jazzed about a weekly family devotional time.

    So put away the flannelgraph, get out the safety goggles, and start bringing the truths of Scripture to vivid life in your household. Just remember to change out of your Sunday clothes first.

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