Single Parenting

Single Parenting

Parenting is one of the hardest things you can do. Being a single parent makes it all the more difficult. We hope these products can help provide encouragement and help to all of you amazing single parents out there. 

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  1. Going Solo

    Robert Beeson


    As parents face the difficult reality of a broken home, a sense of being completely overwhelmed can shut down the perspective they need to find restoration. Parents need to know that they can choose to define this season of their lives, instead of becoming defined by circumstances. They can deliberately look toward God and come to a deeper understanding of His true nature, power, and intimate care. 

    As this former Christian music industry executive shares his story of divorce, his seven years as a single father, and his transition to a second marriage and a blended family, he also offers readers some hard-learned lessons and insights on being an effective, empathetic, and empowered single parent, answering crucial questions such as:

    • How do I find peace when everything around me is chaos?
    • How do I manage meeting needs when I have nothing to give?
    • How and where do I begin again?

    The author addresses the fears and exhaustion of single parenting, while revealing the keys to gaining strength and courage for each day. He also shares how he found his "solo" relationship with his heavenly Father through his "solo" parenting season. Readers will learn five helpful habits and practical healing principles they can immediately apply in this season of life.

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  2. $14.99
    With abandonment and adultery, there is no five-step plan for survival, but there can be hope and healing. "When Happily Ever After Shatters" will be a comfort to those who grieve in solitude, and a hope-filled practical guide for those whose lives h... Learn More
  3. $15.99
    One-parent households frame the new landscape of American family life. But raising kids alone is hard work, and single parenting is a struggle for most. David and Lisa Frisbie provide a practical and proactive plan single moms or single dads can use to... Learn More
  4. $15.99
    Based on exhaustive research, Huerta presents a collection of seven powerful character traits designed to help parents grow and thrive as they take on the task of raising children. Parents will be encouraged to navigate family life with grace and love... Learn More
  5. Parenting on Your Own

    Lynda Hunter

    What you hoped for in life was a smooth road with enough turns to make it interesting. As a single parent, what you got was a rocky path marked by money issues, a barren social life, and more to do in one day than most people accomplish in three. Dr. L... Learn More
  6. $11.99
    In the midst of failing relationships, the Lord is still there! Comforting those who grieve in solitude, Birdseye offers this hope-filled practical guide to help you honor God through a broken marriage, overcome abandonment, raise children as a single par Learn More
  7. $15.99
    Trustworthy Stepfamily Expert Offers Single Parents a Guide to Dating
    Single parents who are dating or want to begin a dating relationship wonder, "How will dating affect my children and my parenting?" They probably have figured out that "dating in... Learn More
  8. My Single Mom Life

    Angela Thomas


    The day Angela Thomas sold the only thing she had, the diamond from her engagement ring, to take care of her kids was the day she began to believe they were going to make it. In that decision, the faith she had always talked about became the faith s... Learn More

  9. $14.99
    Being a parent is challenging enough. Being a single parent can seem downright impossible - until now. Drawing on material from his successful Single Parenting That Works curriculum guide and video series, America's favorite parenting expert, Dr... Learn More
  10. Happy Moms - Bundle

    Dr. Meg Meeker

    As low as: $25.00

    This valuable bundle includes:

    • The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming Our Passion, Purpose, and Sanity
    • What You Need to Be a Happier Mom (broadcast CD)
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