School-Age Children

School-Age Children

Find the perfect books, magazines, and broadcasts for school-age Christian Children kids aged 6-17. 

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    Middle-schoolers experience turning points every day as their bodies change, friendships broaden, worldviews are expanded, and boundaries are challenged. How do moms and dads help? Active parenting is the best chance for your child to succeed in school... Learn More
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    This highquality DVD, adapted from the popular book, "How to Study Your Bible for Kids, "gives children ages 8 to 12 the tools they need to study the Bible for themselves. The video uses an entertaining mix of live action and animation to introduce ... Learn More

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    Most parents would give anything to anchor their children with a vibrant faith that sticks and continues to mature into adulthood. Yet, despite this deep desire, research indicates that approximately 40-50% of high school seniors drift from their fa... Learn More

3 Item(s)

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