Resources for Moms

Resources for Moms

We've compiled our best books, CDs, and resources for Christian moms. Perfect gifts for moms and mothers, the below products aim to help you become a Godly mother. 

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  1. Regular Price: $12.99

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    Today's world can be a difficult place for teen girls. Here's help in guiding your daughter through its twists and turns! Sharing compelling stories and wise insights, Fuller equips you to steer your child toward becoming a confident young woman. Disco... Learn More
  2. Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $9.74

    Mothers of boys have the special calling to shape future men of God. Popular speaker Rhonda Stoppe, mom to two sons, knows this opportunity is a challenge, a joy, and probably the most important work of a woman's life. Drawing from years of minister... Learn More

  3. Regular Price: $13.99

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    Bestselling author and mother of four children Angela Thomas brings her trademark storytelling and biblical teaching to this book of encouragement for moms who, in the daily whir of busyness, long to connect with their kids in new ways.

    With compa... Learn More

  4. Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    "He's 100 percent boy...and I just don't understand him "

    Angela Thomas, bestselling author of "52 Things Kids Need from a Mom," gets it. The mother of four children, Angela brings wisdom, humor, and compassion to her new book for moms. Find ... Learn More

  5. Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    Motherhood is a rigorous season of life - one that demands daily giving and self-sacrifice. All too often that sacrifice includes giving up time for self-care, especially soul care. Yet a life lived without spiritual refreshment can eventually result i... Learn More
  6. Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    If you have ever forgotten to pick up your kids, accidentally worn two different shoes to the grocery store, or lost your cool over a messy house, YOU ARE NOT ALONE

    In "No More Perfect Moms, " Jill Savage says it how it is: All moms struggle. We ... Learn More

  7. Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.74

    Today's mom is faced with the task of helping her 8-to-12-year-old daughter grow up in a society that compels her little girl to grow up too fast. Moms Ultimate Guide to the Tween Girl Years gives mothers practical advice and spiritual inspiration t... Learn More

  8. My Heart's at Home

    Jill Savage

    Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    Founder and Executive Director of Hearts at Home Jill Savage explores the important role "home" plays in a family's journey. With her personable, humorous style, Jill shares from her experience as a mother of five and from conversations with many ot... Learn More

  9. Regular Price: $12.99

    Special Price $9.74

    Dr. Kevin Leman has seen scores of women who are overcome by stress. With humor, insight, and practical solutions, this bestselling author helps women manage the stress points in their lives: kids, career, husband, housework, money, and crammed schedul... Learn More
  10. Cleaning House

    Kay Wills Wyma

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $11.24

    "Is Your Home Out of Order?"
    Do your kids expect clean folded clothes to magically appear in their drawers? Do they roll their eyes when you suggest they clean the bathroom? By racing in to make their lives easy, have you unintentionally rei... Learn More

31-40 of 64

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