Being a military family offers unique challenges and adventures. Being a military wife, serving your country, and deployment are just a few of the things military families have to face.

Find Christian books and broadcasts that pertain to military life and faith.

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  1. Portraits of Courage

    George W. Bush

    #1 New York Times bestseller - Amazon -Best Books of the Month-
    A vibrant collection of oil paintings and stories by President George W. Bush honoring the sacrifice and courage of America's military veterans. With Forewords by former Firs... Learn More
  2. $14.99
    This book is a compassionate companion to those who love someone who has experienced severe trauma that left his or her brain changed by PTSD.

    As someone who suffered from PTSD herself, Becky Johnson knows what is most helpful on the path to recovery. Becky teams up with Stephen Arterburn to offer:

    - Insight into what is happening in the brain
    - Background on treatments such as EMDR
    - Ideas on what to say and what not to say
    - Suggestions for calming a loved one during a PTSD episode

    A personal coach and a compassionate companion, this book helps readers become a healing presence in their loved one's life while practicing self-care as well. Learn More
  3. $14.99

    Just as Heather Gray and her deployed husband realized, many military couples need more than their own imaginations to keep their marriages flourishing during deployments. This is their answer to that dilemma. During her husband David's last deployment to Afghanistan, Heather and he realized the need for a devotional that would not only draw them closer to the Lord, but also to each other while separated. They envisioned a combination of scripture memorization, stories of hope and struggles, a revitalization of the lost art of letter writing, and practical ideas for keeping connected during deployment. Not finding such a book, they began writing Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment. Sadly, three months after beginning the project, David was killed in action."To answer the question of why I'm willing to lay my life on the line for my country. . . ." So began the letter Heather received from her husband on the day of his funeral. The letter was an assignment from Faith, Hope, Love, & Deployment. She knew then the value of the devotional they had been writing for military couples. At first Heather didn't think she could finish it without his input and support. But in the months that followed, she realized that we actually learn and grow the most through our pain and trials. She finished the devotional with the hope it would be as much a blessing for other military couples as it was for her and David.

    Learn More
  4. Marriage Advance

    Chad and Kathy Robichaux

    In the face of adversity, we can easily be convinced there is no hope. How sad for so many couples to give up on their marriages before they ever have the chance to experience the marriage God planned for them. If only they had hung on a little longer... Learn More
  5. Called to Serve

    Tony Monetti

    Over 2.9 million US military personnelfacing serious emotional and spiritual challengesserve in more than 150 countries. "Called to Serve" pinpoints the needs of these military families. Real-life stories drawn from twenty-three years of military exp... Learn More
  6. $13.99

    Marriage is hard enough for the everyday civilian. But imagine marriage when you're separated by thousands of miles . . . when one of you daily faces the dangers of combat . . . while the other shoulders all the burden of home-front duties. Add to t... Learn More

  7. God Strong

    Sara Horn

    Currently, more than one million military wives care for their families and their homes, often while their husbands are deployed out of state or overseas for months at a time. These women can experience a roller coaster of emotions including disappoint... Learn More
  8. Faith Deployed

    Jocelyn Green


    If your spouse or someone you know has been deployed recently, the stress of this situation will resonate with you.

    Jocelyn Green speaks directly to the wives of deployed soldiers, airmen, seamen, and marinesthrough the experiences of their spouse... Learn More

  9. Faith Deployed...Again

    Jocelyn Green


    The highly anticipated sequel to award-winning "Faith Deployed: Daily Encouragement for Military Wives"

    Regardless of whether her husband is currently deployed, a military wife needs spiritual reinforcements and biblical ammunition against the e... Learn More

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