Being a military family offers unique challenges and adventures. Being a military wife, serving your country, and deployment are just a few of the things military families have to face.

Find Christian books and broadcasts that pertain to military life and faith.

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    This book is a compassionate companion to those who love someone who has experienced severe trauma that left his or her brain changed by PTSD.

    As someone who suffered from PTSD herself, Becky Johnson knows what is most helpful on the path to recovery. Becky teams up with Stephen Arterburn to offer:

    - Insight into what is happening in the brain
    - Background on treatments such as EMDR
    - Ideas on what to say and what not to say
    - Suggestions for calming a loved one during a PTSD episode

    A personal coach and a compassionate companion, this book helps readers become a healing presence in their loved one's life while practicing self-care as well. Learn More

1 Item(s)

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