Marriage Resources for Women

Marriage Resources for Women

Christian marriage resources for women. Find the perfect broadcast or book to help you become the best Godly women that you can be.

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  1. $11.99

    With the same candor and creativity that made "Men Are Life WafflesWomen Are Like Spaghetti" (more than 270,000 copies sold) a bestseller, author Pam Farrel gives wives 52 ways to wow their husbands and add spark to their marriages. Pam delivers h... Learn More

  2. Happy Wives Club

    Fawn Weaver

    Author and founder of, Fawn Weaver, saw negative portrayals of marriage everywhere. From reality television to Hollywood blockbusters, it seemed no one believed a strong, healthy marriage was worth having. Fawn Weaver set out to chan... Learn More
  3. $12.99

    You don't have to be married very long to discover that your husband will not live up to all your expectations. And even if he is Mr. Wonderful, he will still do things that disappoint youand even make you unhappy.

    But being a happy wife has more... Learn More

  4. The Husband Project

    Kathi Lipp


    Keeping a marriage healthy is all about the detailsthe daily actions and interactions in which husbands and wives lift each other up and offer support, encouragement, and love. In "The Husband Project" women will discover fun and creative ways to br... Learn More

  5. $14.99
    Have a new husband by Friday Is that even possible Dr. Kevin Leman says it is. The "New York Times" bestselling author and self-help guru shows even the most frustrated wife how she can have a new husband by Friday. Leman reminds any wife that if w... Learn More
  6. $12.99

    Can a modern wife be submissive to her husband

    In her highly anticipated sequel to" My So-Called Life as a Proverbs 31 Wife," author Sara Horn takes on one of the most widely debated subjects for a Christian wifemarital submission.

    What does ... Learn More

  7. $13.99
    Women often offer up polite prayers to God without any real hope of seeing change in their marriage, their husbands, or themselves. Kathi Lipp directs women to Scripture and shows wives how to pray God's Word boldly and in full confidence of seeing God... Learn More
  8. $13.99
    What Is He Really Thinking?

    When a woman begins a relationship with a man, she may think she's found her knight in shining armor. As the relationship continues, that armor can begin to feel like a barricade she just.... Learn More
  9. 31 Days to a Happy Husband

    Arlene Pellicane


    What does a man need most from his wife Arlene Pellicane, author of "31 Days to a Younger You," asked numerous husbands that question. Based on their answers, Pellicane identified five keys that will give wives a new appreciation and understandin... Learn More

  10. The Wholehearted Wife (Digital)

    Erin Smalley, Dr. Greg Smalley, Gary Smalley

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    Build the marriage you've always dreamed of by becoming the best wife you can be! Recognizing that people can only hope to effect lasting change in others by first changing themselves, the Smalleys offer 10 encouraging keys to building a more loving relat Learn More

21-30 of 43

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