Get a Christian perspective on how to deal with divorce. We have a collection of books on healing after a divorce, how to prevent a divorce, remarrying and more!

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  1. $17.95
    There are no words that can describe the depth of pain caused by divorce. Rose Sweet knows. Whether you're facing divorce or grieving a past marriage, you'll find chapter after chapter opening the doors to your fear, anger, depression, bitterness and m... Learn More
  2. $15.99

    "Growing Through Divorce" is one of the most
    practical, insightful, and helpful books available today."
    H. Norman Wright

    More than 600,000 copies sold Now with a brand-new cover, Jim Smoke's compassionate and supportive book will help m... Learn More

  3. The Divorce Dilemma

    John MacArthur

    If you're considering divorce, The Divorce Dilemma by John MacArthur will help you find the answers to the tough questions you've been asking: "Am I making the right decision?" "Is it right?" "Is it the best solution?" It this book MacArthur looks to S... Learn More
  4. I Don't Love You Anymore

    Dr. David Clarke


    "I don't love you anymore." These simple words have the power to send the listener into shock, denial, and desperation. The obvious response is to ask oneself, "What can I do to win my partner back?" In I Don't Love You Anymore, Dr. David Clarke pro... Learn More

  5. When the Vow Breaks

    Joseph Warren Kniskern

    Now an official resource of the nationwide DivorceCare ministry, this new edition of "When the Vow Breaks" offers practical advice to Christians regarding the top five felt needs and issues that result from facing divorce: kids, finances, anger, depr... Learn More
  6. When I Do Becomes I Don't

    Laura Petherbridge


    When Laura Petherbridge realized her marriage was ending, she asked the gut-wrenching question, "What do I do now?"

    Now Laura offers practical answers about divorce that she has found through her own experience and through two decades of caring.... Learn More

  7. New Life After Divorce

    Bill Butterworth

    It's the End of Your Marriage Not Your Life.
    Few experiences bring more pain than divorce. Like the death of a loved one, divorce plunges us into grief and loneliness, heartache and depression. Perhaps worst of all, divorce makes us believe that al... Learn More
  8. Beyond Ordinary

    Justin Davis

    How safe is your marriage? The answer may surprise you. The biggest threat to any marriage isn't infidelity or miscommunication. The greatest enemy is ordinary. Ordinary marriages lose hope. Ordinary marriages lack vision. Ordinary marriages give in to... Learn More
  9. I Don't Want a Divorce

    Dr. David Clarke

    What could be good about a bad marriage? The good news is that couples can get beyond their old marriage and its destructive habits and build a brand-new one with the same spouse. And they can do it in just 90 days, even if only one spouse is committed... Learn More
  10. $15.99

    How can children successfully survive the trauma of divorce? In friendly, heart-to-heart language, Archibald Hart offers divorced parents specific ways to help children cope with the psychological and social damage that comes with divorce. Learn More

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