Dating in Marriage

Dating in Marriage

Dating in marriage should be fun! Get books and resources that provide date ideas and insights on why you should never stop dating your spouse.

Choose from the Little Book of Great Dates, Date Night Challenge, 10 Great dates, and more.

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    "The Little Book of Great Dates" will help build romance and fun into any marriage with its creative ideas for a year's worth of weekly affordable dates. This book--a simpler, gift version of Focus on the Family's The Date Night Challenge campaign--w... Learn More
  2. Date Your Wife

    Justin Buzzard

    Regular Price: $10.99

    Special Price $8.79

    An Intensely Practical Guide for Husbands Looking to Strengthen, Save, or Spice up Their Marriage

    Most men don't know how to date their wives. They did it before, but they've forgotten how, or they're trying but it just doesn't seem to be working... Learn More

  3. Fun Loving You

    Ted Cunningham

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $12.79

    For a Good Time, Call HomeTed Cunningham has a surprising definition of marriage: a man and a woman "enjoying "life together. In fact, God created marriage to be a blast even when it feels like the rest of life is going to explode.This refreshing boo... Learn More
  4. Take the Date Night Challenge

    Dr. Greg & Erin Smalley

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    Take the date night challenge, and bring fun back into your marriage again! Build romance into your marriage and get to know your spouse, by following these inexpensive, easy, yet creative ideas for dates. Discover dating again in your marriage! Learn ... Learn More
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    When was the last time you flirted with your husband Was it before you had kids

    Do you spend more time on the couch with your wife watching movies or with a bag of chips watching The Game

    Does your idea of a hot date include a drive-thru an... Learn More

  6. Regular Price: $15.99

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    A simple dating plan that is sure to revive romance and rejuvenate the fun quotient in your empty-nest marriage It's just the two of you again and it's time to renew your relationship. You can reconnect and reclaim that same spark, excitement, and crea... Learn More
  7. Regular Price: $8.99

    Special Price $7.19

    Reclaim your time. Reconnect your marriage. Do you feel overscheduled and underconnected? Do you wish there was a surefire way to create more meaningful time together each day? Reclaim your time together and all the relational benefits that go with ... Learn More

  8. 10 Great Dates

    Peter Larson

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    Nearly every Christian marriage has an unspoken struggle - the lack of spiritual intimacy. Revealing how to overcome busy schedules and uncomfortable faith issues, the Larsons and Arps provide 10 flexible, creative, and themed date ideas to jump-start ... Learn More
  9. Regular Price: $14.99

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    In The 5 Love Needs of Men and Women, the Rosbergs taught us how to recognize our spouse's most important love needs. Now it's time to put those ideas into action In 40 Unforgettable Dates with Your Mate, America's favorite family coun Learn More
  10. Simply Romantic Nights, Volume 1

    Family Life Publishing

    Regular Price: $24.99

    Special Price $19.99

    Make your marriage sizzle with the newly revised Simply Romantic Nightsit puts the wow back into marriage. Filled with creative ideas to kindle sensational encounters and encourage intimacy. The resource pack includes: *24 Romantic Adventures12 cards.... Learn More

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