Pain & Suffering

Pain & Suffering

God is with us in our suffering, pain, and grief. Find books and resources that discuss how God works in suffering and how we can hold onto hope. 

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  1. 7 Ways to Choose Healing

    Stephen Arterburn


    Whether from devastating loss, abuse, or disappointment, every human being needs healing at one time or another.

    Find valuable guidance with Stephen Arterburn's 7 Ways to Choose Healing.

    Do you want to get well? Healing is a choice God desires for each of us. Today, you can make choices for healing. Today, you can make changes to affect your future. Today, you can begin a different way of life. Healing is a choice. It's a process. It's a journey. But you don't have to do it alone.

    7 Ways to Choose Healing includes: powerful insight from God's Word, stories of others who have chosen healing, helpful checklists and charts to apply key truths to your life, a 40-Day Challenge, and more!

    Read this book and learn to overcome the lies that keep you feeling stuck in pain and hopelessness.

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