Cutting & Eating Disorders

Cutting & Eating Disorders

Do you or someone you know struggle with cutting or eating disorders? We want to help with a great selection of books that address these issues through a Biblical lens. 

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  1. Inside a Cutter's Mind

    Jerusha Clark

    Cutting is a practice that has crossed age and gender lines. It's not just depressed teens who inflict injury on themselves--it can be anyone dealing with overwhelming feelings. This book explores the complex issue of cutting without offering any pat o... Learn More
  2. $14.99
    Heal your relationship with food.
    Eating disorders and disordered eating ravage and consume too many lives. In this powerful book for individuals suffering from eating disorders as well as those wanting to help Dr. Gregory Jantz comes alongside his... Learn More
  3. Table in the Darkness

    Lee Wolfe Blum

    2014 Readers' Choice Awards Honorable Mention "Look who gained the freshman fifteen," a family member teased when I returned home after a few months of college. . . . When I heard the words my mind decoded it like this: You. Are. Fat. Fat was not goo... Learn More
  4. $12.99
    Twenty-nineyears, 7 months, 14 days, and the battle still rages.
    Jena Morrow has an eating disorder.It can kill her. Jena Morrow has a Savior. He came to give her abundant life.
    This is not a polished tale of victory but an honest, true story o... Learn More
  5. Life Inside the "Thin" Cage

    Constance Rhodes

    Frustrated by the often unrealistic standards of beauty presented by today's media, many women have become trapped in a never-ending pattern of chronic dieting. Daily they endure destructive self-talk such as "I can't eat that or I'll get fat" or "I.... Learn More

5 Item(s)

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