Worldview & Apologetics

Worldview & Apologetics

Are you learning about the Christian worldview or apologetics? The books and resources below are the perfect places to gain knowledge about the Christian theology. 

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  1. Restored and Remarried

    Brenda Stuart

    Gil and Brenda deliver a fresh style of encouragement to this ever-growing population in society- the blended family. Willing to speak the obvious from their own step family adventure, the Stuarts share heart to heart as they walk the walk. Because 60%... Learn More
  2. The Everlasting Man

    G.K. Chesterton

    This classic exploration of human history vis-a-vis its link to Christianity ponders the question: What makes human beings uniquely human? In this thoughtful response to the rampant social Darwinism of the early twentieth century, G. K. Chesterton expl... Learn More
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    In Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty, Christian scholars and authors--writing from various Evangelical, Protestant, Orthodox, and Catholic traditions--evaluate the current cultural landscape and update the Manhattan Declaration call to Christian conviction.

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