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  1. Pastor to Pastor

    Erwin Lutzer

    Problematic issues that must be handled gracefully, effectively, and sometimes publicly often complicate the role of the pastor. In Pastor to Pastor, well-known pastor and conference speaker Erwin Lutzer offer practical advice on how to handle difficul... Learn More
  2. $16.99

    Many of the statistics you read about teenagers and faith can be alarming. Recent studies show that 40-50 percent of kids who are connected to a youth group throughout their senior year will fail to stick with their faith in college. As youth worker... Learn More

  3. Effective Biblical Counseling

    Lawrence J. Crabb


    In Effective Biblical Counseling, Gold Medallion Award-winning author Dr. Larry Crabb presents a model of counseling that can be gracefully integrated into the functioning of the local church. He asserts that counseling is simply a relationship betw... Learn More

  4. Preventing Ministry Failure

    Michael Todd Wilson

    Great ministers don't just happen. Great falls from ministry don't just happen either. A complex mix of factors both internal and external test the limits of your ability to minister wholeheartedly over the long haul. Senior pastor Brad Hoffmann and li... Learn More
  5. $14.99
    In this revised and expanded edition of "Brothers, We Are Not Professionals" that includes a new introduction and select all-new chapters, best-selling author John Piper pleads through a series of thoughtful essays with fellow pastors to abandon the pr... Learn More
  6. They Call Me Pastor

    H. B. London

    "Pastor. What a beautiful word. What a unique relationship it conveys. . . . Each time someone calls me pastor, I am awestruck. . . . It humbles me, but I am grateful. There is no higher privilege than being a pastor." So writes H.B. London, who once a... Learn More
  7. Dangerous Calling

    Paul David Tripp


    After traveling the globe and speaking to thousands of churches worldwide, Paul David Tripp has discovered a serious problem within pastoral culture.

    Dangerous Calling reveals the truth that the culture surrounding our pastors is spi Learn More

  8. Christian Mindful Manners

    Marvis Williams

    Christian Mindful Manners: How The Church Must Act Concerning Mental Illness This book promises to offer practical tips on how to help a church member who is struggling with mental health issues. The book is based on Biblical scripture and over 16 year Learn More
  9. Your Church Is Too Safe

    Mark Buchanan


    These men who have turned the world upside down have come here also. Acts 17:6 That was the startled cry, circa 50 AD, from a hastily assembled mob in Thessalonica. Paul and Silas had been arrested for preaching the gospel. They were viewed as revo Learn More

  10. $14.99
    A beautiful and surprisingly inspirational story about the unique partnership between a group of churches and the mayor of Portland, who came together to positively impact their city and encourage others to do the same.
    "Our dream is to help chang... Learn More

11-20 of 37

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