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  1. Beggar's Daughter

    Jessica Harris


    Jessica Harris was seventeen years old when she threw away her ambition to become a doctor and, instead, tried to figure out how to get into the porn industry. She was exposed to pornography at the age of the 13, and by the time she left for college, it was all that mattered.

    Feeling like she would never be worth anything more than a body on a screen, she tried to figure out how to 'apply' to adult websites. Being unable to figure out that process likely saved her life.

    Beggar's Daughter is her journey in detail that she has never before shared. Incorporating statistics, stories from girls she's worked with, and even excerpts from her own journals, she gives readers a candid glimpse into the heart, mind, and struggle of a female porn addict.

    Since its publication, Beggar's Daughter has been used by pastors, counselors, and recovery groups. Find out more information at www.beggarsdaughter.com

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