Christian Living

Christian Living

Living a life for Christ is a fantastic thing. These books and resources discuss the Christian life and what it means to live a life for Christ. 

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  1. $26.99
    2009 Retailer's Choice Award winner
    Super Bowl winning coach and #1 New York Times best selling author Tony Dungy has had an unusual opportunity to reflect on what it takes to achieve significance. He is looked to by many as the epit... Learn More
  2. Sing Over Me DVD

    Dennis Jernigan

    Since the early 1990s, Christians all over the world have been singing the songs of modern-day psalmist Dennis Jernigan, including "You Are My All in All," "Thank You, Lord!" and "When I Fell in Love with You." His music and ministry, sparked by his li... Learn More
  3. $15.99

    Do You Feel Like You're Missing Something?

    What if this feeling wasn't a bad thing? It could be a longing for more of God and a catalyst to living the life that was designed before the foundations of the earth were laid.

    A lot of us, if we're ... Learn More

  4. $15.99
    Find inspiration and a fresh perspective on the art of leadership in this account of a cub reporter who lands the interview of a lifetime and walks away with the keys to exceptional leadership. When the reporter meets with the most respected CEO in Ame... Learn More
  5. Stained Glass Hearts

    Patsy Clairmont

    "Stained Glass Hearts" "reminds us just how brightly the light of God can shine even amidst our darkest moments, uncovering the promise and possibility of redemption and transformation.
    Comparing people to stained glass windows, Patsy Clairmont exp... Learn More
  6. Life! Celebrate It

    Luci Swindoll


    Life. There are so many decisions. So much to think of, remember, plan, do, be, and accomplish. If only there was someone with wise words, a plan, some "direction" for our lives.

    Luci Swindoll has spoken to thousands of women over the course of... Learn More

  7. God Is Able

    Priscilla Shirer

    Got an "IMPOSSIBLE "situation The anxiety it brings can wake you in the middle of a needed night's sleep and then stalk you in the middle of broad daylight. It can sneak up on you and cast a cloak of fear and concern over your shoulders that you can... Learn More
  8. $19.99
    Pastor Chip Ingram shows that the answer to our culture's craving for simplicity and peace lies not simply in doing less but in loving more.
    "Changing Love from a Noun to a Verb"
    In our frantically driven, complex lifestyle, we suffer from fa... Learn More
  9. $15.00

    Carol Kent and her husband, Gene, are now living what some would call a heartbreaking life their son, Jason, a young man who initially had so much promise, is now living out a life sentence for murder in a maximum security prison. All their appeals ... Learn More

  10. Singing Through the Night

    Anneke Companjen

    Believers in the West are understanding more about Christians struggling in other parts of the world. However, many of the accounts of the persecuted church are missing an important part of the story--the women.
    In this stirring book, Anneke Compan... Learn More

41-50 of 285

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