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Grace Behind Bars

Product Review (submitted on June 15, 2017):
Graduating high school with the Class Cut-Up,, Most Popular and Best Personality, no one expected the events God had in store for Bo (or Dudley as we knew him) Mitchell. In class reunions we learned some of his story and success, but Grace Behind Bars now fills in the blanks of 50- plus years. The book hits close to home. Not my school home, hot the home I grew up in, not at "homecoming" events, but a home in heaven being built by the builder of the universe, a carpenter who had no earthly permanent address.
Anticipating renewed friendships at class reunions also brings anxiety over old grudges, fights and misunderstandings, but none like the turmoil Bo and Gari went through. Reunions don't reconcile everything; disputes and injustices we thought forgotten get dredged up. Bo and Gari's sifting teach me not to fear a heavenly reunion, when despite my shortcomings, all is forgiven! I can share blessings one on one with the poor and the famous alike. That is unmerited favor, God's free gift, nothing we can earn, but pure Grace.