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#657: Clutter (FREE) (Digital Product)

Product Review (submitted on November 7, 2016):
Just as with every other episode of Adventures in Odyssey that I have listened to, I am sure that this story is worth at least 4 stars. What I don't like is that I cannot simply download the MP3 file to my PC and listen to it as I would with any other MP3 download (like from Amazon). No, for some reason, Focus on the Family requires its customers to create a separate account with FlickRocket and then download and install a "Flux Player" before gaining access to the MP3. To me, this unnecessary software install detracts from the overall appeal of purchasing any episode of Adventures in Odyssey. I don't like clutter on my PC. When these MP3s are made available without requiring customers to jump through these extra hoops, I will happily return to purchase them to put on my kids' MP3 players.


We appreciate your willingness to share your honest thoughts about the Flux Player, which – as you know – is the app for accessing downloads of our audio and digital content. Please be assured that we consider input like yours important, and we’re pleased to supply some perspective that we hope you’ll find helpful.

We see the Flux Player as a versatile tool for organizing and enjoying our downloadable resources. Of course, we realize that some might find this stand-alone platform somewhat restrictive, as users must now access our content within the framework of the Flux software. However, despite this additional requirement, this player serves a two-fold purpose of distributing digital products through our online store and protecting the proprietary materials we’ve invested time and resources to produce.

This is our current solution, but rest assured we are constantly looking at new technologies to improve the user experience when consuming our digital products. Once again, thank you for your feedback! - Joe