2017 June NL Books

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  1. Parenting with Scripture

    Kara G. Durbin


    Train your child in the way he or she should go, moment-by-moment with God's Word.

    "Parenting with Scripture" is an easy-to-use topical resource for parents who want to make the most of teachable moments with their children. It is a guide to he... Learn More

  2. Strong and Kind

    Korie Robertson

    How do you instill godly virtues in kids who live in a "me-first" world? Encouraging you to model positive behavior, Korie Robertson identifies nine specific traits - strength, kindness, self-control, honesty, loyalty, humility, compassion, patience, a... Learn More
  3. Hope Rising

    Kim Meeder

    Kim Meeder has seen horses go where no one else can tread - stepping through the minefield of a broken child's soul in a dance of trust that only God can understand. From a mistreated horse to an emotionally starved child and back again, a torrent of l... Learn More

3 Item(s)

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