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  1. $15.99
    Based on years of counseling, research, and success stories, Dr. Greg Smalley teaches us how to use marital conflict as a way to deepen and strengthen our relationships.
    In this counterintuitive book, author Dr. Greg Smalley maintains that fighting... Learn More
  2. The Wholehearted Wife

    Erin Smalley

    Although it takes two to have a great marriage, an important truth for any marriage partner to realize is that he or she can really change no one other than him or herself. Nevertheless, changes in just one person can have an amazing impact on a marria... Learn More
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    "The Little Book of Great Dates" will help build romance and fun into any marriage with its creative ideas for a year's worth of weekly affordable dates. This book--a simpler, gift version of Focus on the Family's The Date Night Challenge campaign--w... Learn More
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    Your marriage is bound to have conflict - it's a simple fact of life. But you need to know that your conflict can actually strengthen you, your spouse, and your marriage! This Participant's Guide has everything you need to discover this truth and walk ... Learn More
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    Typical marital arguments include money, sex, and kids. What if conflict in marriage could be a good thing? In this counterintuitive 6- session DVD series, marriage experts Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley support that fighting is actually healthy for a marri... Learn More
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    Every couple who wants a happy marriage will appreciate the revitalizing secrets in Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage. In it, Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley explore the traits of a healthy and thriving marriage.

    Based on research of thousan... Learn More

6 Item(s)

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