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Brio means vigor, full of life and our magazine designed for today's teen girls will give them exciting, vivacious, faith-based articles, plus DIY, music and entertainment features, and more fuel to energize their life. Subscription includes 10 issues for one year.

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Additional Details

Audience Teens
Author Focus on the Family
Language English

Customer Reviews

I remember being excited to receive my Brio magazines in the mail as a teenager! I’m now grateful that my daughters get to experience that same excitement when their Brio arrives:). I know I can trust focus on the family and the Christian values and messages that they are sending. And in a culture where truth is trying to be skewed, I’m thankful for a light in the darkness! Current, relevant, and God centered! Thank you so much! This momma of three girls appreciates all the help she can get! God bless your ministry!! Review by Verlena Posted: 2/13/2018
My sister bought a subscription to Brio for my teenage daughter. She loves it!! We are going to renew her subscription. She enjoys the informational articles. Some of which she has her own opinions about but that's okay. Teens need to hear different point of views and what better than reading it from other teens. Thank you for having such a positive magazine for teens that really need this type of magazine, while growing and forming their own opinions and self image especially. Review by Believer Posted: 2/11/2018
Ordered it for teen granddaughters.
We need more oh this.
Thank you for putting it out again.
The culture is lying to us and this is truth. Review by Joolz Posted: 2/9/2018
I was so happy to see the re-launch of this magazine after several years of not having it. We bought this last year for our 15-year old daughter. She enjoyed it so much that she requested that we renew when she saw that the subscription was going to expire. Thank you for having this available! Review by Liza Posted: 2/8/2018
This is such a great magazine! I am involved in my church youth group and have two middle school daughters of my own and find this magazine so special and unique. Brio has a little bit of everything that keeps the magazine fun while presenting God's truth in a very thoughtful and inspiring way. I love the balance that it brings, and it has the ability to reach teenagers who are at different phases in their walk with Christ, even those who may have not made that decision yet. I have seen such a variety of topics presented, even I enjoy reading from it.:) Examples of what you might find in a Brio magazine include: The gospel message, how to love your family, God's view on romantic love, being a good friend, how to cope with depression/anxiety, loss, being wise about technology, working hard, movie/book/music reviews, missionary stories, tips on fashion or staying organized, recipes, book marks with a monthly Bible reading plan, health questions and answers, and lots and lots of scripture sprinkled throughout. When Brio comes in the mail my girls don't want to do anything else but read the magazine from cover to cover! AND... I love seeing that Bible book mark cut out and being used from their own accord! Thank you, Brio, for inspiring girls to love and follow Jesus! Could you make one for teenage boys?! That would be awesome! Review by Barbara Martushev Posted: 2/7/2018
I loved getting Brio growing up. It was pure and innocent, godly and girly. I got it for my daughter, thinking it would be the same. It's not. It is increasingly talking about issues that parents should talk to their daughters about, not things you want a magazine to explain to your kids. This would be better for girls who do not have Christian parents or guardians to discuss issues with. I didn't even let my daughter see the last issue. The magazine said they would be even further discussing a certain topic in future issues, so this is where we stop. We will be unsubscribing. I hope this magazine can finds its way into the hands of girls who don't have Christian parents though! Review by CS Posted: 2/6/2018
In the February 2018 issue, you feature Rion Page. Her song, “Lions and Lambs” includes a curse word in the chorus.

In May 2017, you featured Sadie Robertson. She discusses modesty in fashion, but when she looked online, she found some photos of Sadie that weren’t modest...not horrible, but a plunging neckline, shoring one’s midriff, and lower cut sleeveless, strapless tops are not what I would consider modest.

I am glad my daughter is discerning and brought this to my attention. I unwisely assumed this magazine would be free of worldly influences, and would encourage my teen in her walk with the Lord. I hate having to monitor a Focus publication. Review by Amy Cobb Posted: 1/31/2018
This magazine is awesome! My girls got it when they were teenagers many years ago, and loved it. I am so glad they fast forwarded and brought Brio back for the 2018 girl! Great job of staying with current issues and being relatable. My granddaughter likes it a lot! Review by Rebecca McLaughlin Posted: 1/28/2018
My sister and I enjoyed Brio so much growing up. It was another tool God used to guide my mind and heart during that delicate season of growth. I'm so glad Brio is back and that I can share it with someone I care about. When you look and see all of the negative and confusing messages young girls are being bombarded with in our society, it reveals a need for a counter message - a magazine that will address the same issues but with the truth and hope of Christ. I'm hopeful that God can use this magazine to point the young girl I'm sending it to to find her worth in Him. Review by Faithe Posted: 1/20/2018
Ordered (on November 22, 2017) the Brio magazine for my daughter as part of her Christmas gift, but we have yet to recive one :o(

*Focus on the Family Response*
We are sorry for the confusion and your disappointment. Brio has a Dec/Jan combined issue which mailed in mid-November. The February issue mails in mid-January which is why you are seeing a delay. Again we apologize for the disappointment but you should be receiving your first issue soon! Review by Hayley Posted: 1/8/2018

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