Focus on the Family's Store has hundreds of CD's of our Focus on the Family Broadcast with Jim Daly and John Fuller as well as our Radio Theatre Audio Dramas, and Adventures in Odyssey albums. 

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  1. $9.00
    Sexual intimacy requires emotional intimacy and an atmosphere of trust, openness, and vulnerability. Depending on their love styles, many couples struggle to connect on this deeper level. Milan and Kay Yerkovich come alongside couples to help them... Learn More
  2. $14.99
    Something Has to Change
    You can't put it into words, but something is happening to you. Your stomach churns, your heart aches, and the tension in your marriage is making you feel weary and a little crazy. The constant criticism, disrespect, cruelt... Learn More
  3. Cherishing the Differences in Your Spouse

    Dr. Greg and Mrs. Erin Smalley

    Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley share today in a light-hearted manner about common gender differences in marriage and how they have played out in their own marriage. Learn More
  4. Love & Respect (Audiobook)

    Emerson Eggerichs


    A Marriage Book with a Difference

    A Revolutionary Message
    I've been married 35 years and have not heard this taught.
    This is the key that I have been missing.
    You connected all the dots for me.
    As a counselor, I have never bee... Learn More

  5. Growing Your Marriage in Times of Stress I-II

    Mr. Milan and Mrs. Kay Yerkovich

    Stress is a normal part of our everyday lives, but it can also lead to unhealthy attachment styles, based upon how we learned to deal with stress from our parents. Counselors Milan and Kay Yerkovich review how stress interacts with five basic attachment styles. They also explore three common responses to stress – fight, flight, or freeze. Milan and Kay come alongside couples to help them understand how their attachment styles impact how stressful situations can be an opportunity for greater connection with their spouse. Learn More

5 Item(s)

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