Marriage 911

Help Hurting Couples Find Restoration and Hope

Couples in crisis need help. Marriage 911 gives you the resources - and the confidence! - to meet that need by offering restoration and hope ... what every couple needs to thrive in Christ.


What is Marriage 911?

Focus on the Family has created a 16-week curriculum you and your church can implement to help married couples who are struggling or heading toward a divorce. Marriage 911 is a church-centric program that leverages biblical teaching, research-supported principles, and psychologically-sound practices to train mature Christian couples how to mentor couples in crisis. Marriage 911 is built around the core Hope Restored intensive concepts and the book 9 Lies That Will Destroy Your Marriage by Dr. Robert Paul and Dr. Greg Smalley.

How Do I Implement Marriage 911 in My Church?

Download “How to Launch a Marriage 911 Ministry in Your Church.” This how-to guide includes information about Marriage 911 and gives insights on how to launch the program in your church.

Is Marriage 911 for Pastors Only?

No, and that’s one of the best things about Marriage 911! We’ve designed Marriage 911 as a mentor-led program. While we encourage you to champion God’s design for marriage and keep your own marriage healthy, Marriage 911 was developed as a tool that mature Christian couples in your church can use to mentor others who may be struggling in their marriage. Our goal is to lighten the ministry load on you as a pastor by giving your team the tools to help couples in your congregation.

Is Marriage 911 a Counseling-based Program?

No, Marriage 911 is a mentor-based program. The program is designed so that a mature Christian couple in your church can use the Marriage 911 workbook to walk with couples in a crisis and point them to help and healing. If counseling is necessary, couples are invited to contact Focus on the Family to find a qualified Christian counselor or get information about Hope Restored.

How Long Is the Marriage 911 Program?

Marriage 911 is a 16-week mentoring program. During the first eight weeks, mentors meet one-on-one (male/male, female/female). This is done to help the husband and wife become whole, full, and healthy as individuals. During the second eight weeks, couples come back together to work on repairing and strengthening the marriage relationship.

Can I Talk to Someone About Marriage 911?

Yes, call Focus on the Family at 1-800-A-FAMILY.

What Other Resources Do You Have for Marriages?

Focus on the Family’s Hope Restored marriage intensives offer couples a three-to-five-day counseling experience. Couples meet with trained professionals and receive nearly an entire year’s worth of marriage counseling during their stay. We follow up with couples two years after they attend Hope Restored and have found that eight of every 10 couples are still together!

In addition to Hope Restored, Focus on the Family offers weekend getaways for couples, church-based events, books, small group studies and the Crazy Little Thing Called Marriage podcast.

How Do I Access My Marriage 911 Videos?

To Access Videos:

1. Scan the QR code on the inside front cover of your Training Guide (mentors) or the Marriage 911 Workbook (mentees). You will be directed to your specific bundle on the Focus on the Family online store.
2. Add the bundle to your cart (Note: The cost of the videos is included in your Marriage 911 curriculum purchase. There is no additional charge to access this material.)
3. Once the bundle has been added to your online cart a pop up will appear. On that pop up, click “Proceed to checkout”.
4. At the checkout page, sign into your Focus Store account or create an account.
5. Once you have signed in or created your account, enter your billing address.
6. Click “Continue.”
7. Select “Place Order.” (No payment is required.)
8. Save the info on the order confirmation page for future reference.

To Use Videos:

1. The Marriage 911 videos are stored in your Focus Store account.
2. To view individual videos, scan the corresponding QR code in the Mentor Training Handbook.

Note to Mentors:

Your video bundle gives you access to scan and view sessions in both the Training Guide and the Marriage 911 Workbook for mentees.

Dr. Greg Smalley

Dr. Greg Smalley serves as the vice president of Marriage and Family Formation at Focus on the Family. In this role, he develops and oversees initiatives that prepare individuals for marriage, strengthen and nurture existing marriages and help couples in marital crises.

Dr. Bob Paul

Dr. Bob Paul serves as the Vice President of the Focus on the Family Marriage Institute and is the primary architect of the Hope Restored Marriage Intensive programs. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Missouri, Georgia, and Michigan and has helped train hundreds of marriage therapists.