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    In Poison at the Pump, Patrick and Beth travel back in time in the Imagination Station to London, England, during the cholera epidemic of 1854. The cousins join Dr. John Snow, Florence Nightingale, and Curate Henry Whitehead in a thrilling scientific... Learn More
  2. Imagination Station #24: Rescue on the River

    Marianne Hering and Sheila Seifert


    In Rescue on the River, the third book in a three-part story arc focusing on Civil War America, cousins Patrick and Beth attend Abraham Lincoln's inauguration and discover that their friend's brother Kitch is a slave in South Carolina...

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    Over 800,000 copies sold in the series! Book 23 in the highly successful Imagination Station series finds cousins Beth and Patrick nearing Washington, D.C., on the train with Abraham Lincoln, heading to his first inauguration. But a band of assassins plan to meet Lincoln in Baltimore and end his presidency before it starts. Can the cousins help get him through the city safely and on to his big history-making day? Learn More

3 Item(s)

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