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Brio means vigor, full of life and our magazine designed for today's teen girls will give them exciting, vivacious, faith-based articles, plus DIY, music and entertainment features, and more fuel to energize their life. Winner of the 2018 Award of Excellence from the Evangelical Press Association. Subscription includes 10 issues for one year, and first issue will take 4-8 weeks to arrive.

Customer testimonials:

"My daughter loves Brio. Her favorite part is the daily Bible verses that she can look up. She reads her Bible every night since she has received Brio. I am so glad I purchased Brio for my daughter. I am so happy there is a Christian magazine for teen girls that can help them grow in the Lord, with all the worldly influences attaching the teens today. Thank you for publishing this magazine." - Review by Elizabeth

"Brio magazine was literally life-changing for me as a teenager. It stirred up God's desires in my heart that led me to what I am actually doing today--ministering to people through counseling. I'm so glad Focus on the Family is bringing Brio back...If you are raising a teen girl (or are the grandparent of one), I cannot recommend this enough." - Review by Heather

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Audience Teens
Author Focus on the Family
Language English

Customer Reviews

We have subscribed to Brio for several years - it's a great resource & gives Godly advice that parents can trust. We recently gave an extra copy to our neighbor girl and she came by a week later asking how she could get another issue! We promptly ordered her a subscription! Review by Marsha H Posted: 8/5/2018
I look forward to getting the Brio magazine every month. They have great articles on how to deal with many different situations that teen girls face in a Godly manner.
This magazine gives me hope when I'm down: from messages about people who have made it through tough times by leaning on Christ, Bible reading planes, advice from christian women and tips on how to dress in stile and still be modest. I would highly recommend you try out Brio!!! Review by Suzannah Kirkman Posted: 6/16/2018
After 3 issues, my daughter no longer reads this magazine. The articles are not appropriate even for my 15 year old to read, and I do not feel they are edifying. This most recent issue has a victim of sexual abuse/harassment going into detail about what happened to her. I do not want those thoughts put into my children's mind. There is a bombardment of sex talk -from articles dealing with 'friends with benefits' - to a boyfriend denied sex 19 times but on the 20th time the girl finally gave in. Other disturbing articles include a girl on a hike with her dad and the boyfriend texts her and says "Tell him to jump then call me". How does that teach respect towards parents? Not a godly magazine in my opinion. Review by Mamaof7 Posted: 5/24/2018
I love Brio because I can relate to a lot of the stuff in it and it has some really great, touching stories.
Also it has some very helpful articles about dealing with peer pressure, boys, school, and many other obstacles a teen girl has to deal with everyday. I always look forward to getting them in the mail once a month and enjoy reading them. Brio is a great magazine for teen girls, and I think you should try it! Review by Eden Posted: 5/21/2018
As a mom of a teen and a counselor who works with teens and families, I highly recommend this magazine! It's packed with relevant topics and a great source of truth. My daughter gets excited each time she gets a new edition. Review by Emily Mayhew Posted: 5/8/2018
The new Brio is providing even more of the lightweight, sugary commentary on worldly products and events. Girls need a magazine that will set clear boundaries on what is Godly and what is unworthy of a Christian. Hope you find a way to show more of Christ to teenage girls, buy we wont be renewing this year. Review by Carter Fam Posted: 4/20/2018
Being a teenager with a Christian Worldview is not easy today. As parents it’s hard for us to relate to the challenges of today and it is SO different from when we were that age. I focus very hard to open my kids eyes to what the world sees as “acceptable” and how to stand out as a light and represent Jesus. As our teens get older there are more and more opportunities to interact with people who feel very different about the world than they do. My girls and I particularly like the fact that Brio is shinning a light reguardless if they are listening to Christian music or secular, being an example to both Christian friends as well as unsaved. It shows them they can be a strong, confident, beautiful woman of Christ. Thank You! Review by Patty Posted: 4/19/2018
I got Brio magazine a little over a year ago and am very disappointed about how most of the articles have a lot of worldly input in them! I really wanted a magazine that would help me grow in my walk with Jesus Christ, and help encourage me to look to Jesus in every area of my life! But, I don't see that in Brio. I see a lot of worldly things on movies, testimonies, and pretty much everything! A lot of these articles would really apply to a 20 year old, but not someone who's in middle school like me! I think that even some of the people who Brio focus on for their issues are really worldly and not really a godly role model that I would ever look up to! Before I even read the issues, I would always give them to my Mom so that she could make sure that I wouldn't be bothered by any of the articles! My Mom threw away a lot of them to be brutally honest. I really wanted to have Brio be a magazine that would have good godly examples, fun hands-on articles, and of course, be all about Jesus Christ!! I really hope that Brio will turn around and be more God-based and focusing more on how much God can do for YOU and for your life! Review by Morgan Posted: 4/3/2018
Great Christian perspective/worldview presented on everything from boys, to finances & makeup, to relationships, responsibilities & school.
I'd like to see more focus on serving/giving, focusing on needs around them, like a "This Month's Hero" stories or something, just to help kids focus on others.
It's also be neat to see stories from around the world, since this is really a global generation.
My 13 year old is just starting to enjoy this magazine, reading whole articles, when she wasn't much of a magazine reader before. She's finding lots of information about things that are just coming on the horizon for her.
Information is maybe a little ahead of schedule for her, as there isn't a "young teen" version.

Review by Nancy Posted: 4/2/2018
The magazine I think is really good! Especially the faith section!!! But some of it is hard for homeschoolers to relate to. Review by Sarah Posted: 3/31/2018

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