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    Using wisdom from Scripture, their own personal stories, and wise insights from the licensed counselors at Focus on the Family, Jim and Jean Daly guide you through 52 enjoyable "together times" to talk about and practice communicating, showing affection, Learn More
  2. No More Headaches (Digital)

    Dr. Juli Slattery

    Are you sometimes afflicted by bouts of "I'm not in the mood"? Here's a prescription that will restore your marital intimacy to joyful health! With the warmth and understanding of a close friend, Dr. Juli Slattery honestly addresses men's and women's diff Learn More
  3. The Way to Love Your Wife (Digital)

    Clifford L. Penner, Joyce J. Penner

    Directed toward men, this popular book offers a "how-to" approach when it comes to loving your wife. Experts in the area of sexual understanding, Clifford and Joyce Penner will help change your attitude and tactic when it comes to sex. The result: pressur Learn More

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