Father's Day

Father's Day

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  1. Growth Into Manhood

    Alan P. Medinger

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    A breakthrough plan for males to re-enter the world of men.
    What happens when a boy grows physically into an adult male but misses some of the experiences and relationships that help form complete manhood? Alan Medinger writes for such men and for Learn More
  2. Play the Man

    Mark Batterson

    Regular Price: $19.99

    Special Price $14.99

    Somewhere along the way, our culture lost its definition of manhood, leaving generations of men and men-to-be confused about their roles, responsibilities, relationships, and the reason God made them men. It's into this "no-man's-land" that New York Ti... Learn More
  3. The New Dad's Playbook

    Benjamin Watson

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $11.24

    When it comes to the unknown territory of having a baby, moms-to-be have nearly unending resources to plan and execute a healthy pregnancy and navigate those first months and years as a parent with confidence. New dads? Not so much. They want to get in... Learn More
  4. For Men Only

    Shaunti Feldhahn

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $11.99

    " Shaunti and Jeff have unearthed a treasure chest of insights eye-opening and life-changing. "
    Andy Stanley, senior pastor, North Point Community Church
    "Finally, you "can" understand her
    If you're like most men, you've burned up lots ... Learn More

  5. Anchor Man

    Steve Farrar

    Regular Price: $15.99

    Special Price $11.99

    If you thought your parenting responsibilities ended after eighteen years per child, you thought wrong. Instead, it's your privilege to lead your family-and influence succeeding generations-for a century...or more.

    "Anchor Man" presents the high ... Learn More

  6. Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    Historically, men have been in control--of nations, of wars, of commerce, of their families. Of practically everything, except often themselves. And those men who are fully in control of all other aspects of their worlds are often the ones who find the... Learn More
  7. The Man in the Mirror

    Patrick M. Morley

    Regular Price: $16.99

    Special Price $12.74

    The Man in the Mirror has established itself as a cornerstone in men's literature since its 1989 release. Winner of the prestigious Gold Medallion Award and appearing on the bestseller list eighteen times, it has helped thousands of men understand t... Learn More

  8. Bad Dads of the Bible

    Roland C. Warren

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    Special Price $11.99

    Some of the most noted, celebrated and godly men in the Bible made some very big mistakes when it came to raising their children. Roland Warren, former President of the National Fatherhood Initiative, calls these errors bad dad mistakes. Bad Dads of... Learn More

  9. Regular Price: $13.99

    Special Price $10.49

    Your daughter needs you to be her hero. In a time when young girls may be drifting toward unhealthy decisions and relationships, you can take action to transform your daughter's life, choices, and future.

    Dr. Michelle Watson, founder of The Abba P... Learn More

  10. Regular Price: $22.99

    Special Price $17.24

    When a man follows the principles of biblical manhood, those around him benefit from his leadership and care. "Kingdom Man" challenges and equips men to fully understand their position under God as well as their position over what God has given them.... Learn More

11-20 of 41

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