The Focus on the Family Broadcast provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day. For 40 years running, one half-hour at a time, Focus on the Family has shared meaningful advice across the nation. The broadcast has become one of today’s most recognized Christian radio programs and continues to grow in exciting ways with Focus President Jim Daly and co-host John Fuller.

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    Scott Klusendorf offers strategies for creatively and effectively communicating with others about the humanity and God-given worth of all pre-born babies. Learn More
  2. Making a Difference for Life in 2018 (Digital Product)

    Mrs. Jeanne Mancini and Mrs. Kelly Rosati

    March for Life President Jeanne Mancini and Focus on the Family Vice President Kelly Rosati share their passion for fighting to preserve the sanctity of human life in our culture, and inform listeners about the upcoming 2018 March for Life and Evangelicals for Life conference in our nation's capitol. Learn More
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    Focus on the Family Vice President Paul Batura returns to share more inspiring examples of how people raised by loving, adoptive parents grew up to have a remarkable impact on the world. Learn More
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    Dr. Charles Mully shares his incredible testimony of growing up as an orphan in Kenya and later becoming a wealthy businessman who felt called by God to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned children living on the streets. Learn More
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    Human trafficking expert Nita Belles shines a light on labor and sex trafficking, sharing stories of people being caught up in and rescued from horrific situations. She provides practical ways to help trafficked victims and tools to protect your children. Learn More
  6. The Value of Standing for Life (Digital Product)

    Mr. Jim Daly, Mr. John Fuller, and Dr. Juli Slattery

    In response to a case underway against a Philadelphia abortionist, Jim Daly, Dr. Juli Slattery and John Fuller reaffirm the infinite value of human life. They discuss FOF's heart and strategy for standing for life without compromise and encourage liste... Learn More
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    Political analyst Kirsten Powers discusses the mainstream media's lack of coverage regarding the Philadelphia abortion clinic trial. Learn More
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    On today's broadcast, Melissa Ohden tells her remarkable story as an abortion survivor. You'll be moved as you hear about Ohden's emotional struggles, and encouraged as she describes how she found healing. Learn More
  9. Living Out Your Faith in Culture (Digital Product)

    Pastor Brady Boyd and Mr. Gabe Lyons

    Pastor Brady Boyd and author Gabe Lyons discuss how you can best live out your faith in culture by modeling what you believe on the early Christians, who cared for the poor, orphaned and widowed. Learn More
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    Rev. Herb Reese formed a team of men committed to helping the widow and thus began New Commandment Men's Ministries. Join Reese and New Commandment members Bob Jenner and Ryan Dunn, as they discuss the benefits from this ministry. Learn More

21-30 of 52

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