The Focus on the Family Broadcast provides daily encouragement that helps families thrive each day. For 40 years running, one half-hour at a time, Focus on the Family has shared meaningful advice across the nation. The broadcast has become one of today’s most recognized Christian radio programs and continues to grow in exciting ways with Focus President Jim Daly and co-host John Fuller.

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  1. A Former Abortionist's Journey to Becoming Pro-Life

    Dr. Anthony and Mrs. Cecelia Levatino

  2. Replacing Panic with God's Peace

    Mrs. Patsy Clairmont

    Author and speaker Patsy Clairmont shares her testimony of breaking free from a life of nervousness and panic into one of fellowship and hope. Learn More
  3. Tilly

    Preproduced Drama

    In this dramatic presentation, Kathy, an exhausted wife and mother, falls asleep one day and dreams that she is in heaven. She meets a young girl named Tilly - the daughter she aborted nine years earlier - who shares with her God's message of... Learn More
  4. Overcoming by God's Grace

    Mr. Mike Singletary

    On the football field, NFL Hall of Famer Mike Singletary was a fierce competitor. To achieve greatness in the game, he had to overcome great obstacles—including childhood illness, a broken home and the loss of his closest brother. But winning the Super... Learn More
  5. Praying With Honest Abandon

    Mrs. Elisa Morgan

    Elisa Morgan uses Jesus’ Garden of Gethsemane prayer as a template for believers today: we can pray our desire, but we also need to pray the other side of the equation, “may Your will be done.” Elisa’s ‘prayer coin’ concept illustrates those two sides. Learn More
  6. Be the Pro-Life Church I-II

    Ms. Emily Colson

    Emily Colson provides an inspirational and hopeful prolife message for parents with disabilities, the child they didn’t want or expect. Today’s parental culture is increasingly about choices – grooming children for the right education, the right mix of... Learn More
  7. Why I Left the Abortion Industry I-II

    Panel (Mrs. Abby Johnson, Mrs. Sue Thayer, and Mrs. Annette Lancaster)

    They all began their jobs at Planned Parenthood with one goal in mind: Helping women. But as Abby Johnson, Sue Thayer, and Annette Lancaster became more involved in their work at the abortion clinics, their eyes began to open. They all had startling... Learn More
  8. Who Counts as One of Us? I-II

    Mr. Scott Klusendorf

    Scott Klusendorf defends preborn children as he explores the question – “What makes us equal?” He’ll share about the immeasurable worth of all human beings, no matter the Size, Level of Development, Environment, or Degree of Dependency (SLED). Scott... Learn More
  9. Leading Others By Following Jesus

    Mr. Willie Robertson

    Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson shares his trademark ‘folksy’ humor to make a serious point: although America’s leaders tend to be chosen based on popularity or media presence, the best leaders follow the leadership principles of Jesus. Learn More
  10. $9.00
    Ashley Hales had a passion to do big things for God, and felt like that was more possible within urban-like environments. When her family moved to the suburbs for a church plant, it felt anticlimactic, like they were moving to the middle of nowhere.... Learn More

11-20 of 258

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