You can help prevent teen suicides!

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Suicide is serious public health problem that affects many young people today. It is also a profoundly spiritual issue. At present, there is a lack of any comprehensive Christian resources to address the staggering rise in teen suicide – in youth ages 10 to 24, approximately 157,000 attempted suicides and 4,600 lives are lost to suicide each year.

But you can make a difference and help save lives through Focus on the Family’s Alive to Thrive program.

Alive to Thrive is a six-session curriculum designed to help parents, pastors, lay-leaders, youth workers, coaches, and anyone else on the front lines of youth work to be aware of suicidal behavior and teach others to do the same. The product will cover a number of topics related to suicide prevention, including warning signs, promoting healthy lifestyles, and emotional trigger points. Alive to Thrive addresses the teen suicide epidemic not only from a clinical perspective, but from a spiritual one as well.

And here’s the best part: access to this curriculum will be completely FREE OF CHARGE to anyone who needs it.

But we need your help! By making a gift today, you will equip parents, teachers, pastors, and youth workers with Alive to Thrive resources to provide critical support for teens in crisis.

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