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Brio means vigor, full of life and our magazine designed for today's teen girls will give them exciting, vivacious, faith-based articles, plus DIY, music and entertainment features, and more fuel to energize their life. Winner of the 2018 Award of Excellence from the Evangelical Press Association. Subscription includes 10 issues for one year, and first issue will take 4-8 weeks to arrive.

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Audience Teens
Author Focus on the Family
Language English

Customer Reviews

My aunt gave my sister and me a subscription to this magazine when I was a teen and it dramatically affected my life in such a good way. I was a Christian growing up in a non-Christian home and this magazine gave me encouragement, guidance and tools to live a Christ-centered life. God definitely used this magazine to show me I wasn't alone and how to make life-changing decisions for Christ (like articles on "Promise Rings" - promising to wait until marriage). Thanks for bringing it back - I now have three little girls of my own with whom I can't wait to share this magazine with when they get older (plus wanting to gift it to my nieces!). I thank God for Brio Magazine and Focus on the Family! Review by Barb Posted: 8/10/2017
I LOVE HOW BRIO IS FOR GIRLS Review by ADELAINE Posted: 7/29/2017
I absolutely loved this magazine as a young teen and wrote to them often. I am so excited and thrilled that you brought this back. My daughter is a young teen and I can't wait to share this with her. Review by Sarah Posted: 7/25/2017
Thanks for bringing back a fabulous magazine for young ladies to read! Always safe, always pure and ALWAYS God centered - how refreshing!! Review by Jill Earnest Posted: 7/19/2017
I am thrilled to be able to receive a Christian magazine for girls through out the year, however, I wish there were more pages in the magazine so there could be more interviews. I would also suggest adding some book reviews! I am thrilled that they have a "PluggedIn" page and that the magazine interviews Christian girls! It is a very positive magazine! Review by Jo Posted: 6/13/2017
Versatile & excellent. Review by Ginny Posted: 5/28/2017
This magazine was SOOO impactful for me as a teenager, feeling so along in my desire to follow God. Thank you for bringing it back. My oldest daughter is a couple years away from being old enough for it, but I am very eager to subscribe for her when the time comes! Review by crh Posted: 5/7/2017
We got our first issue yesterday and already went though it. Every article and story in there is perfect to teach my daughter something valuable and to move her closer in the direction of God. Review by Liza Posted: 5/2/2017
we remember this wonderful magazine for our daughter and now so happy to order it for our granddaughter
Thank you!!!! Review by Becky Posted: 4/29/2017
This magazine meant so much to me as a teenager. I still remember articles about sexual purity that were encouraging. I recited "Sex is like a gift wrapped in brown paper" by Ruth Senter to my health class for our abstinence project. Now I'm married to my hubby and we were both virgins on our wedding night. He is a huge blessing from God. Review by Jessica Posted: 4/23/2017

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