Tony Evans

Tony Evans

Tony Evans, Th.D, is a Christian pastor, speaker, author, and a widely syndicated radio and television
broadcaster. He was the first African American to earn a doctorate in Theology from Dallas Theological
Seminary. Dr. Evans serves as Senior Pastor to the over 9,500 member Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship in
Dallas, Texas. He is also founder and president of The Urban Alternative, a national organization
dedicated to the proclamation and application of the Word of God. 

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  1. $29.99
    In Kingdom Stewardship, Dr. Tony Evans inspires you to broaden your perspective of Christian stewardship.You will learn that stewardship includes how you manage all that God has given you--your time, your talents, and your treasures--to advance.. Learn More
  2. $9.00
    Using a biblical context, popular pastor Dr. Tony Evans emphasizes the privilege and responsibility we have as citizens of a free country to participate in the voting process. Learn More
  3. Kingdom Citizen (Digital)

    Dr. Tony Evans

    Regular Price: $9.99

    Special Price $6.99

    The news is filled with stories of violence, division, and despair. American politics have become polarized. Effective leadership is in short supply. Change may seem outside our reach. And Christians struggle to understand their role in reversing the d... Learn More
  4. $9.00
    In this powerful message, Dr. Tony Evans uses biblical illustrations to explain God's view of race and how Christians should respond to racial issues, such as those that have been playing out in our society in recent days. Learn More
  5. Oneness Embraced

    Dr. Tony Evans


    We must learn to live together as brothers, or we will perish together as fools. Martin Luther King Jr.

    With the Bible as a guide and heaven as the goal, "Oneness Embraced "calls God's people to kingdom-focused unity. It tells us why we don't have... Learn More

  6. $6.99

    When God says, "Be not afraid," do we really hear Him?

    "Whatever it is that has you bound up in anxiety only got to you in the first place after passing your Father's review... He will not send you more than you can bear..."... Learn More
  7. $6.99

    It is one of our favorite questions: Is God a Republican or a Democrat

    Many, if not most, Christians begin with the wrong question of "who they should vote for" rather than the more important question of "how they should vote." Asking the co... Learn More

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