Gary Smalley

Gary Smalley

Gary Smalley was a family counselor, president and founder of the Smalley Relationship Center

and author of books on family relationships from a Christian perspective. Among other issues, he

taught about the four temperaments in a format based on well known animals, the otter, lion,

golden retriever, and beaver.

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  1. For Better or for Best

    Gary Smalley

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    Special Price $9.09

    In this newly revised edition of the classic bestseller For Better or for Best, Gary Smalley speaks to women and explains what motivates men and how wives can use their natural qualities and abilities to build a better marriage. Using case histories... Learn More

  2. If Only He Knew

    Gary Smalley

    Regular Price: $14.99

    Special Price $10.49

    With over 800,000 copies in print, If Only He Knew by bestselling author Gary Smalley has long been esteemed as one of the premier books on marriage for men. Smalley helps men understand their wives and meet their needs in order to establish a lovin... Learn More

  3. $13.00

    In The Language of Sex Study Guide, Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham go beyond the book and take a deeper, biblical look at the topic of sex in the marriage relationship. What does the Bible say about great sex? Does Scripture tackle gender differences, emotions, creativity, romance, and creating security and intimacy in our marriages? This Bible study is a fantastic resource for couples to do together, and it is equally useful for individuals, small groups, pastors, and leaders.

    Learn More
  4. $11.99
    Have you discovered the building blocks of lasting bonds? Smalley discloses 17 core fears that can aggravate relationships and the secrets to dealing with them. He provides practical strategies for stopping unhealthy and damaging patterns; unfolds the ... Learn More
  5. $14.99
    "Life is relationships; the rest is just details." We are designed for relationships, yet they often bring us pain. In this paradigm-shifting book, Dr. Gary Smalley unravels the DNA of relationships: We are made for three great relationships - with God... Learn More
  6. $13.99
    What's the key to a teen's heart And how can parents prepare their son or daughter for life as a successful, solid Christian adult Find out in "The DNA of Parent-Teen Relationships: Discover the Key to Your Teen's Heart." Written by best-selling au... Learn More
  7. The Wholehearted Wife (Digital)

    Erin Smalley, Dr. Greg Smalley, Gary Smalley

    Regular Price: $11.99

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    Build the marriage you've always dreamed of by becoming the best wife you can be! Recognizing that people can only hope to effect lasting change in others by first changing themselves, the Smalleys offer 10 encouraging keys to building a more loving relat Learn More
  8. $17.00
    Stress-free strategies to discover critical keys to "love longevity."

    Every relationship is a series of decisions choices that will either strengthen your bonds or tear them apart. But it only takes two powerful actions to solidify and energize your... Learn More

  9. $15.99
    A repeat bestseller for two decades, this child-rearing classic cuts to the heart of the anger and alienation that mar so many modern homes. In this ultimately practical book, Gary Smalley outlines effective steps for parents to open up a child that ha... Learn More

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